Free ATM Compliant Solutions for Multi-Site Cannabis Companies

Apple Water Management is the leading provider of the only free comprehensive ATM solution designed specifically for multi-site cannabis companies. With a focus on safety, compliance, and efficiency, Apple Water Management offers a range of features to help cannabis businesses stay safe and navigate the challenges of operating in a regulated industry. Enhanced Cash Management: […]

Cannabis Retail Store ATM Solutions

Secure ATM for Cannabis Retail

Are you a cannabis retail store owner struggling to manage cash transactions while complying with strict regulations? Do you want to improve your customer experience while ensuring the safety and security of your employees and customers? Look no further than Apple Water Management’s ATM solution for cannabis retail stores! With our cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line […]

Outsourced ATMs – What are they? 

Apple Water Management Outsourced ATMs

Financial institutions and retail businesses are focusing on customer experience more than ever before. With that focus comes an interesting new trend. Businesses busy developing “experiences” for their customers are looking to outsource maintenance tasks to increase efficiency and reduce cost wherever possible. Especially if they are a cash business, like the discreet cannabis industry, […]