Who We Are

Apple Water Management is a national ATM deployer and cash management company providing comprehensive  ATM solutions to banks, investment groups, and cash intensive businesses. 


Family owned and operated for over two decades, we leverage our years of experience and strong industry relationships to provide impeccable service, value, and impact for our customers. 

ATMs can often be the lifeblood of sales, especially in cash intensive industries. That’s why ATM uptime is our fundamental focus. With a 2 hour on-site emergency service turn-around, we give our client’s confidence that their customers will always have access to their payment method of choice. 

Apple Water Management leans into its substantial network of quality partners and extensive industry experience to deliver a robust ATM solution. Whether it’s ensuring cash is supplied at the right time or predicting ATM failures before they occur, our 24/7 operations support team has everything covered.

Our mission is to provide an impactful and trustworthy service our customers can always rely on. 


Your trusted partner in
ATM & cash management

Our comprehensive ATM solution is more than a service, it’s a partnership in your retail success.

Zero-cost program

Pay nothing for modern ATM placement and ongoing monthly cash monitoring/management when you qualify for our Zero-Cost Program. 

Revenue sharing

Enjoy a competitive revenue share model so that each ATM cash withdrawal results in a  product purchase and  passive commission. 

Tailored Placement

Discuss your needs with our team to get a custom contract quote, including additional usage of multiple ATMs for high volume locations.

No operational requirements

Simply provide us with an electrical connection and we’ll handle everything else. No need to replenish cash or troubleshoot. 

ATM Machine

Explore additional options for ATM Display Screen promo marketing packages, and affordable custom branded ATM wrapping services. 

Premium 24/7 support

We invest in our support teams so our clients always have access to skilled local expertise and in-person support. All day, every day. 

Over 25+ years of industry experience

Professional reliable service is what we’re known for. We pride ourselves on offering our clients proactive services that help make their lives easier and more productive. 

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See if you qualify for our Zero-Cost Program and let our welcoming intake team guide you towards the ATM solution that fits your needs best.