What does fully managed ATM mean?

You are a cannabis retail owner. Cash is the lifeblood of your business, and having properly working ATMs are the way you keep your business running smoothly. 

Now, what happens if your ATM is offline? 

Runs out of cash? 

Gets vandalized? 

Instead of being bogged down with owning and operating a machine yourself, retail cannabis owners can choose to go the “fully managed” ATM route. 

No Hassle ATM Management 

Apple Water Management has a Zero-Cost ATM Placement program for cannabis retailers that qualify. Simply show us the electrical outlet, and we’ll place a beautiful modern ATM in your retail space. For FREE.  

Cannabis retail owners do not have to pay for or operate the machine while active in the program. Monthly servicing is all inclusive, meaning we handle the following: 

Proactive Cash Refills 

Never have an empty ATM again with proactive cash forecasting. We monitor your busiest times and make sure to restock as needed.

Secure Replenishments 

Armored cash replenishment with optional cash-in-transit (CIT) withdrawal services. Your cash is safe 100% of the time.

Real-Time Monitoring & Premium Support 

24/7 remote monitoring of your machine ensures a 99% up-time. When things go wrong, we’ll have a skilled local expert on-site within a few hours to make things right. 

All while enjoying a competitive revenue sharing model so cannabis retail owners get a return on every withdrawal, without all the hassle. 

Fully Managed ATM Extras 

When working with Apple Water Management, we stay ahead of the ever-changing cannabis industry on your behalf. Our partner Rogoway Law keeps us informed of any potential compliance or regulation issues that might affect our cannabis clients. 

In addition to offering compliance assistance, we also have a few optional extras for the savvy cannabis retailer looking to 10x their business. 

Display Screen Marketing & ATM Wrapping 

ATM Machines can be delivered unbranded or you can increase sales with direct display marketing and custom machine brand wrapping. To elevate your cannabis retail experience,  all of our machines can be customized to include daily, weekly, and monthly ATM Display Screen updates. Now clients can place up-sells and promos directly in front of customers while they retrieve their cash.

Contact Us to see if you qualify for the Zero-Cost Program today, and learn more about our marketing extras. 

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