Operational Security Solutions (OSS) Announces Strategic Partnership With Apple Water Management (AWM)

AWM Selects Premier Risk Management Company OSS as Exclusive Armored Courier Partner to Service the Cannabis Industry

Fresno, CA, Aug. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Operational Security Solutions (“OSS”), the premier provider of full-spectrum risk management services with specialization in secure cash management and logistics, compliance services, security consulting, and facility hardening, announced today that the Company has completed a new partnership with Apple Water Management (“AWM”) that positions OSS as AWM’s exclusive armored courier and cash in transit (CIT) provider for their cannabis and other discreet client needs. 

“We are eager to marry our expertise with the Apple Water Management team to provide CIT services to a wider audience of clientele,” said Scott Solomon, CEO of OSS. “This partnership is a win-win for both entities and positions us even further as the leading compliance solution for ATM and CIT services.”

Apple Water Management is the leader in cash management and ATM servicing with over 25 years experience. Per the agreement, OSS will provide AWM customers with ATM replenishment and depository services, and augment the compliance chain with OSS’ financial institution partners. The engagement allows both companies to provide a comprehensive services solution to the high-risk cannabis industry that includes real-time device management and monitoring. Notably, the agreement also allows OSS to expand its footprint to other high-risk and traditional industries that utilize ATM and CIT services. 

“OSS provides an impenetrable layer of reliable security for our clients with discreet needs, especially in the cannabis industry where trust and transparency is paramount,” said Blayne Amigliore, CEO of Apple Water Management. “Powered by OSS’s seasoned security operators, and Apple Water’s team of ATM experts, this partnership introduces the only service solution of its kind to cannabis retailers looking for seamless ATM and cash management.”

OSS offers industry-leading security offerings, cannabis-specific financial service solutions and relationships, connecting highly regulated businesses that struggle to get banking services with financial institutions that have specific programs designed for the industry or organizations that are unable to be serviced by certain banks. Notably, OSS boasts a no-loss record to-date. To learn more about OSS visit www.opsecsolutions.us.

About Operational Security Solutions
Operational Security Solutions (OSS) was assembled in 2017 by a team of former law enforcement, military and federal service professionals to support the security and banking needs of the legal cannabis industry. OSS was started by professionals that have spent their previous careers battling against the harms done by the illicit narcotics trade — but have now founded a security and risk management company for the legitimate, legal cannabis industry. OSS breaks down the real risks for an industry that has limited access to banking services and provides the solutions needed from long years of law enforcement and government experience.

About Apple Water Management
Apple Water Management is a family-owned and operated leader in ATM management, servicing retailers and financial institutions for over 25+ years. With a reputation for reliability and transparency, Apple Water focuses on offering comprehensive ATM solutions that support the customer experience and regulatory needs of its clients. Through its strong ties and extensive experience in the banking industry, Apple Water delivers enterprise-grade services for traditional retail outlets and financial institutions, in addition to specialized programs formatted exclusively for the cannabis industry. Apple Water’s programs include zero-cost ATM placements, display screen marketing options, end-to-end ATM management, and 24/7 premium technical support. 

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